Thursday, July 17, 2008

Trip to Pinehurst, Day 1

Hey everyone, I made it to my gate (A23). Detroit Airport really isn't all that bad. For the most part, things were clearly marked and airport security and staff were helpful. As I'm sitting at the gate waiting to board, I am contemplating why airports cannot offer free wi-fi connections to passengers. I don't want to pay $5 for an hour of internet. I want it for free. Airlines, if you want more passengers, and you want to increase business, you have to offer perks to passengers. If you can't cut costs anywhere else, at least give us free wi-fi.

I made it through security with no issues, which was kind of surprising because I had a camera bag with me. When Steve and I flew into Orlando, we had the photo backpack with plenty of gear...and it was thoroughly searched. Not even a wink this time from the TSA personnel. Is it because I have less gear this time? Hopefully.

I also saw one of those new "ion" scanners that blast passengers with short bursts of air. I didn't have to go through one, but it was funny to watch each person jump as they were startled by the sudden blasts of air.

On the plane now, and heading to RDU. We should arrive there at 11:45ish. no word from the captain yet as to when the exact time will be, but the flight is on time. It looks like we might actually get a beverage and some pretzels on this flight, which would be very appreciated right now. Yay, beverage cart is coming down the isle. Aww, it looks like the cups actually got smaller than the last time I flew, no good. More later.

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Steve said...

I'm amazed that your seat was actually in the plane. I figured that one of these days we'd have to ride in the luggage compartment.