Friday, May 2, 2008


Hi everyone. I wanted to write a quick post about clients putting photography up on social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook. I don't really have a problem with this, because obviously they love the photos enough to do so! The best part is, when one of our clients puts up some of their wedding photographs, ALL of their friends see that they have done so through notifications. This is a huge marketing tool for us, and it is a great way to bring in new business through referrals (which is what are business is based on now, we do NO advertising).

I have to admit, at first I wasn't too happy about our clients using our photos willy-nilly on whatever website they want. My first reaction was "I have to find a way to control this". Then I got smart and realized that it would hurt me more to attempt to control and micromanage every aspect of the reproduction of our photography. It would cause me more time and stress than you could possibly imagine. I sure as hell don't want to police myspace and facebook looking for our photography to pop up at all hours of my already busy days. The bottom line is that times have changed. Digital is here. Photos are online, and LOTS of clients are technically savvy enough to know how to get digital copies. It's something that I have accepted. I would rather spend my time creating beautiful images.

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Amanda said...

Hey, brother,
Thank you for tking those photos at graduation. They came out beautifully! Do you have a personal portfolio online that has specific pictures that only you have taken?