Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trash the Dress (The Long Awaited Video)

Ha. This is a long awaited video! I can honestly say that this particular shoot was probably my favorite for Kaufman Kramer thus far because it was such a departure for us in terms of photography. We got a chance to work with Erica and Danny, (featured in this video) who are absolutely wonderful to work with. They're daring, and completely open to new ideas and pushing the envelope.

So, a little background history about this session. During the summer, we sponsored a mini-Kaufman Kramer Photography Weekend, and the idea was to work with each other and our friends on different types of lighting. The weekend culminated in a "Trash the Dress" session with Erica and Danny. This session was split into two different areas. First, we wanted to shoot on a beach, and since there are SO many beaches here in Ohio, well... you get the idea. We had to get creative on where to go and how to pull it off. The second part of their session was shot at a park in Mansfield, as well as Mohican State Park. I think that when you check out their photography, you'll see a great blend between the edgy, high-contrast photography we love, and the dynamic "on-location" lighting we are starting to specialize in.

Erica and Danny, thank you so much for your patience with us as we put together all of your photography! (They've been waiting a month for their "Trash the Dress" shots) I just wanted to make sure you got the most mileage out of your online account. :) The two of you were a blast to work with, and we can't wait to shoot the wedding!



Erica Vipperman said...

Simply AMAZING!! Definitely brought tears to my eyes!! You guys have gone above and BEYOND our expectations thus far!! This has just confirmed my decision to hire you guys as my life-long photographers haha :) Can't wait til the big day!!
xoxo, Erica & Danny

~kix said...

WOW~ What a truly beautiful walk through happy moments of an awesome couple! Truly a gift, you will cherish forever! Great job on the video, but Erica and Danny, you made it so crazy awesome! Best wishes guys! ~Erica, mamma cries for a good reason!~ LOL

Sheila & Joe