Monday, June 9, 2008

A couple images while we wait...

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Melanie Fullenkamp said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH from one BEYOND HAPPY mother of the bride! Kaufman Kramer Photography is amazing, truly inspired, high-energy work I am thrilled to have witnessed! (And I haven't even seen all the wedding photos yet.)

They so far exceeded our expectations that I am sharing the site with everyone who asks about the wedding (and even some who don't).

The beautiful couple shown here, Craig & Felicia, and these very special rings were of photos taken during my daughter, Renae and my new son, Paul Eckert's wedding this past Saturday, June 7th, 2008.

These photographers amazed EVERYONE at our ceremony and reception, as well as before, between and after. The bride and groom are thrilled to be friends with and even more excited to now have worked with

At the reception we were able to catch a glimpse of their work from the ceremony and from earlier in the day on a laptop displayed for those attending the party to enjoy. Those photos alone have me so eager to see more. Another laptop shared their engagement photos.

(I realize I need to give you guys some time to do your work. I keep checking the site on Pictage for when all the photos are up because I can't wait to place my order. I've been telling everyone about it and they all want the address to view the photos.) What a great way to share our day!

Chris and Brad, you were OUTSTANDING, just like Renae kept telling me you are! I never worried. . . she was SO excited about having hired you and now I am, and many others, are big fans as well.

The day of the wedding they worked so hard. They were flying (literally) all over the place to capture the event in a unique and creative way. They are TRUE ARTISTS and totally blew away the concept of traditional wedding photography in my mind. They made the wedding party look like models!

Being very interested in photography and enjoying it as a hobby myself, I wondered how they got such perfect, candid shots of unrepeatable moments. Then I heard one of the photographers shooting next to me. He took about a half dozen rapid photos of one part of the cake cutting and I realized how fortunate these guys are to work in this digital age of photography. (I am also thankful for their sharp eyes in keeping the complimentary shots and the "delete" button for the rest. How many of us have wanted to discard photos because we look ridiculous in them?)

Having been in the event planning, wedding and marketing business for many years myself, I can tell you that these guys are succeeding because they are willing to go the extra mile, care deeply about their clients, and are over-the-top passionate about their work. I didn't see them stop to eat or linger anywhere for one minute. (Tell me, what is your favorite brand of power bar, guys? )

PRICELESS is the one word I will use to describe the work of these guys and the impact they have already had on our once-in-a-lifetime event. I have a feeling we'll be working together again in the future.


Melanie Fullenkamp
Wapakoneta, Ohio